Ambit Energy Reviews|Scam|Review – The Truth Is Finally Revealed.

Ambit Energy Reviews – The Truth Is Finally Revealed.

If you are reading this, I assume that you are either an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant or you are looking into joining Ambit business opportunity. Either case, you are in the right place because I will give you every detail you need to know about Ambit energy and above it all, I will show you how to take your Ambit Energy business to the next level.

Before we dive into detail about Ambit energy, play the video below that shows you how to sponsor Independent Consultants to your Ambit Energy business effortlessly.

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Ambit Energy is one of the very much respected retail companies producing energy in America that was established in 2006.It is a multi level marketing Retail Company providing electricity and natural gas for home based customers. It also serves commercial customers in those states where energy has been deregulated.

Ambit Energy is based in Dallas, Texas and was founded by Jere Thompson, Jr and Chris Chambless who began small, and from a humble background. Little did we know that these two entrepreneurs would steer the company and get an outstanding recognition for attracting over a million customers.

Ambit personnel work with customers directly and get their customers through a huge network of independent consultants. This company was founded with the main objective changing lives by providing better services to the customers and ensuring to keep customers by being reliable. The dream of any company is to manufacture products that make the lives of their potential and already established customers better, and in Ambit Energy, their motto ‘Never sacrifice integrity for growth’ clearly speaks it all. They are out to provide affordable services that are electricity and gas to its customers. Their services spread to areas like Connecticut, Mary land, New Jersey and Washington DC.This is just to mention but a few of the areas.

Ambit Energy Company despite of all it has achieved has had hard times. Challenges always have to exist during growth. They have experienced issues like being sued by those that have not gotten their desired expectations, saying that it operates like a pyramid scheme. The case was not able to hold that much water and was later dismissed by a judge. The sales representatives have been accused at some point for overstating the company’s benefits and being too aggressive especially towards the vulnerable.

Ray Montie is a main contributor to this great success achieved by this company, their most outstanding one being recognized as the fastest growing company. He plays his role to make reality the company’s wishes which are to make the customers the main priority of the business and provide better and life changing experiences to all people. He believes in creating a good sustainable relationship with the customers as the way to achieving the best.

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