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Be Sure To Watch This Whole Video. I Gave Some Tips And Tricks Here That I Have Never Shown In ANY Of My Other Tutorials. Creating massive exposure through article submissions, how to create effective article resource boxes, and how to use the various aspects of article submissions properly. This is the single most important marketing tool that you can use for building massive exposure which KEY to branding yourself as an expert. You can use this strategy to promote videos, articles anything and any business, EXACTLY how to promote through article marketing.

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A web site, blog post or article that does not rank well on the major search engines for a specific keyword phrase people actually use to find a particular product, service or opportunity is absolutely worthless.

So the best “web traffic secrets” advice you could ever get is to actively promote your content by re-purposing your content and distribute it to as many different article directories, blogs, social bookmarking sites, and micro-blogs as possible in order to get hundreds, even thousands of anchor text backlinks pointing back to your content.

Search engines reward properly optimized pages, posts and articles with a high rank in their search results based upon the number of links pointing back to your content and the quality of links pointing back to your content. Obtaining both quality backlinks and a huge quantify of backlinks are the two viable traffic secrets you will ever need.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]Two Traffic Secrets Worth Knowing[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

Getting organic (free!) traffic to your web site all boils down to exposure. The easier it is for your target market to find your site, the more traffic you will benefit from. And the easiest way to expose your site to the greatest number of people is to get multiple pages, posts and articles to rank high in the search results for a variety of keyword phrases research indicates people routinely use when looking for your type of product, service or opportunity.

Assuming you have properly optimized your content with a good title, meta-tag description, meta-tag keywords and have sprinkled the keyword phrase throughout the article at the rate of one time per paragraph or per 100 words, then getting backlinks is THE traffic secrets you are looking for.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]Here are three ways to generate a few backlinks for website traffic:[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

Use Onlywire to bookmark your content. Bookmarks count as a quantity link.

Ping your content using a free service like Pingler. Pinging essentially lets directory sites know you content exists and has been updates. You can often pick up a few quantity links by pinging.

Even more powerful… take the time to set up a variety of bookmark accounts, micro-blogs, and other Web 2.0 properties and use Ping.fm to automatically pick up 35 quality links.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]”Traffic Secrets” That Work[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

One of the most powerful traffic secrets you can embrace is to re-purpose your content and use automated tools to distribute it to hundreds, even thousands of other blogs, micro-blogs and article directories.

Spin your content to create thousands of unique copies. The benefit of generating and distributing unique content is you not only receive another backlink but the content itself stands a chance of also ranking on the search engines. The Best Spinner spins content well with one click. It is fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Once spun, you can execute your traffic secrets strategy by using an Article Marketing Robot to distribute unique copies of your article to over 3,000 article directories, blogs and various web 2.0 properties that accept content. This gives you precious QUALITY and QUANTITY back links.

If, after a week, your content is still not ranking where you want it on the front page of the major search engines, consider giving it a final push by submitting your spun content to a wide variety of blogs. This will get you live readers, quantity links, and quality links from geographically diverse IP numbers – which is another insider traffic secret strategy. Consider the UAW blog network distribution to get a large number of links (quantity) on autopilot and Web Fire to get quality links.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]Search Engine Domination Results[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

Bottom line? Getting links, links, and even more links to your original content are the only three traffic secrets you need to know. Period. The trick to getting your page, post or article to rank high on the search engines all boils down to links. Build backlinks and your content will rank for traffic.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]Summary of My 24Hrs Traffic Game Plan and My Daily Routine[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

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  • Create Original Content ( sometimes I write and a times I outsource then edit to my taste.)
  • Post the content on my Blog (http://emmanueladegbola.com), I love to post original content on my Blog first
  • Create a video of the content with WebFire. (with this service, it takes me less than 5mins to turn my content to video)
  • Copy the url of the posted content and use as description of the video. ( As discussed in the video above, i copy my post url and use for my video)
  • Upload the video to YouTube and DailyMotion (Web fire does this automatically)
  • Embed the YouTube Video on The Posted Content on My Blog (AutoPlay)
  • Submit url to Search Engine with Webfire
  • Syndicate my Blog post with TribePro , OnlyWire , PingFm, NetworkedBlogs
  • Spin Content with The Best Spinner to generate 5 Unique Versions ( I post one on article hub of my Funded Proposal, I post one on Article Hub of Empower Network and I post the remaining 3 on Unique Article Wizard)
  • Syndicate with Article Marketing Robot ( this will bast your content to almost over 900 Article directories for massive Back links)
  • Create Backlinks with EVO Pro ( with my EVO Pro subscription, i have access to three set of powerful applications, one for Pinterest ,  one for Amazon, and the last one for Back links)
  • I then post to SocialAdr to get massive Back links (SocialAdr is a Bookmarking site)

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]Final Recap- – – – [/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

I know you are asking yourself right now that – –  whaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt? All these steps , but trust me , it will look like work in the beginning but as time goes on, you get used to the routine. Sometimes, life comes our way, you don’t follow all the steps but I hope you set yourself a 100 Daily Blogging or Content Marketing Challenge and follow it, at the end of that 100 Days, you will be glad you did.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]What you will learn tomorrow- – [/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

You don’t want to miss out of tomorrow’s lesson because we will be talking about How To DOMINATE The First Page Of Google (Video Proof, Too) through Tracking, tracking and tracking. How To Monitor and Track Your Rankings In the Search Engines Especially Google, Yahoo and Bing.


to your massive success

how t dominate search engine

Emmanuel Adegbola

Your Home Based Business Coach

P.S. Remember, success in life comes to those who FEVERISHLY attack it from all angles.  And stop at NOTHING to create the life that they know they deserve and are capable of…
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