How To Network Marketing – 5 New Easy Steps To Sponsor Reps In 21st Century

How to network marketing – If you are tired of chasing friends and family members to join your business then this is a “must read” for you – how to network marketing. Gone were those days when people had to go to the streets and shopping mall for prospecting, the wise Network Marketers do not follow that route any more especially with the discovery of internet, it is a lot easier to do network marketing without wearing out your shoes. There are two problems with “chasing friends and family” approach; The first problem is that it does not work and secondly, it can lead to your untimely death. You can kill yourself or go bankrupt following that approach because all you get is “No” and rejections upon rejections.

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First of all , let’s discuss what the heck is Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing or Direct Sales?

As put by the Wikipedia , Multi Level Marketing  is  a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s downline, and can provide multiple levels of compensation. Other terms for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Another name for multi level marketing is Network Marketing.

Dr. Robert Kiyosaki – the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad defines Network Marketing as the business of friends helping friends and he calls it the business of the 21st century.

So, what if I could show you a simple but yet powerful workable technique that shows you how to network marketing in 21st century, will that pick your interest? Because that’s exactly what i intend showing you in this article without hidding any truth from you.So if you are ready then let’s dive in.

There are 5 fundamental steps you must follow in order to do network marketing the way “Top Earners” do it these days and the 5 steps are;

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  • Set up your marketing system
  • Generate traffic
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • Enroll People into your Funded Proposal
  • Sponsor Distributors into your primary business

Attraction Marketing System

So, let’s take them one after the other and explain this for

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Set Up Your Marketing System a.k.a. Attraction Marketing:

What is a system? A system in a simple term is a set of rules that gives a predictable result. You need a marketing system called attraction marketing a.k.a self branding. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. You need a system that can help you to position you as a leader to the marketplace. The reason why you keep struggling with your network marketing business is because you have been doing what many failing Networkers are doing. People don’t join your company, they join you because they see a leadership quality in you and they will be willing to follow you no matter how.
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Another name for your marketing system is Funded Proposal. You need a system that can take care of all your marketing expenses, put money into your bank account and make you get paid from your leads either they join your business or not. When talking about how to do network marketing these days, the truth is over 90 percents of those that come across your opportunity will not join your primary business, but if you position yourself very well, you can make a lot of money from them despite the fact that they won’t join your business. The best attraction marketing platform out there is MLSP ( My Leads System Pro or mlm leads system pro). Click here to read more about MLSP.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel because everything has been set up for you, MLSP has been created by Network Marketers for Network Marketers and when you join them , you will be glad you did.

Generate Traffic

There a millions ways to generate online but you don’t have to do them all. In fact, you only need to master just one or two techniques to generate traffic to your funded proposal. What’s traffic? Traffic are the visitors to your funded proposal that you set up in step one. If you are a member of MLSP, this will not be a problem at all because you will have access to the training library worth tens of thousands of Dollars if you have to buy them one after the other.

Inside the membership, you will learn so many ways to drive traffic to your website, techniques like content marketing, social media marketing (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) , you will even learn new ways of doing offline marketing and prospecting if you care to apply one and you can cancel your subscription if you don’t like what you see anyway.

Convert Traffic into Leads

You don’t start driving traffic if you don’t have a very good marketing system a.k.a funded proposal and good capturing pages in place. Doing that will be a waste of time. With MLSP, you don’t have to create all these by yourself, they are “ready made” and easy to customize. Read this post : how to build a successful marketing career

Have you heard that “money is in the List” before? Yes! it is very true. Your asset as an internet marketer, Affiliate marketer or network marketer is your list. That is the contacts you have in your Database. The more your list the more money you make online – SIMPLE! With MLSP, you can set this up.

Enroll People Into Your Funded Proposal

If you have followed the step number 1 to this point or if you decide to follow this basic step i am giving you right now, then , this step of enrolling people into your funded proposal will not be a problem at all because you will learn how to build relationship with your list through “Autoresponder Emails”. This also has been well composed for you, you don’t have to sweat over this. This is how you make money from your list. You will be able to promote helpful and useful products to your list and those that don’t join your primary business will have no option but to buy from you because you are offering them value.

Sponsor Distributors into your Primary Business

If you have done step 1 to 4 correctly as described above, this will take care of itself effortlessly without you wearing out your shoe or spend off your credit card. This is how to network marketing in 21st century. With this steps you will be able to sponsor “credit-cards-in-hand-ready-to-join” prospects. I hope you will change from your “Old-School” method of prospecting , try this and you will be forever be grateful that you did.
(Check out this post on how to start network marketing business)

Are you tired of not getting the results you want in your business? What if I told you that there is a way for you to actually attract an endless stream of new distributors and customers directly to you with credit card in hand ready to join, and actually get paid from all the people who say “no” to your opportunity? Would that peak your interest? Click here now to see what I’m talking about!

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