Attraction Marketing – What Is Attraction Marketing And How To Do The Right Way!

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Attraction marketing is all about one particular thing and one thing only ….becoming the Hunted rather than the Hunter.

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How many times have you chased men and women about trying to find them to join your business? How many times have you chased your friends and family members in order for them to join your opportunity?

what is attraction marketing

That doesn’t sound very attractive will it? But in network marketing and direct sales, most people Never ever have other folks come to THEM and say I would like to join your company.

Attraction marketing takes a different approach. It truly is about branding Yourself in the market place. It truly is about making you the most important asset for your company.

It is about individuals calling you trying or even begging you to do business with you, rather than you calling them
to join your business.

Attraction marketing is about branding yourself as a LEADER ….as someone who has value to offer other people. You brand yourself as someone who can show other people how to get what they want. And in that process, people will
gravitate towards you like a magnet since you possess the value they’re trying to find. You provide solution to their problems.

Attraction Marketing is a science. It is a skill. You are able to very easily develop it, and brand yourself being a leader.

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#ff0000″]There are several fundamental principles that go into attraction marketing.[/headline_tahoma_large_centered]

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  • It’s all about your posture.

What I mean by posture is this….That you are entirely emotionally un attached to the outcome of your conversation with a prospect.

Absolutely everyone can sense emotions regardless of whether we don’t communicate them verbally.
People can sense if you are desperate in making them join your business, maybe “million dollar future” is in their hands.

attraction marketing

It is funny, but that’s how you actually feel at times! Once we can just sign up this individual, our future normally takes care of itself. Our future just isn’t inside the hands of any of our prospects. It is not inside the hands of
our new recruits. Even though they sign up…that’s only the start off.

DETACH from the needy feelings you might have inside for financial security. If you are in this for financial security….get out of the game right now. I’m not kidding.

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  • You will NOT find financial security in network marketing.

You get a JOB (Just Over Broke or Jump Off Bed) because you want financial security. You wake up every day and
do the exact same thing because that paycheck is going to come on Friday. And you hope one day you don’t get cut because you are “expendable” That is most people’s definitions of financial security.


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  • You do network marketing because you want freedom.

There is absolutely no guarantee you are going to make a $1 in network marketing. You could work your ass off for years and still have nothing but the time, energy, and sweat you put into it to show.

The people who succeed in network marketing are not in it for financial security.
They are in it for FREEDOM. And they know that freedom is not going to come without some serious work. Work that at the beginning may look like it’s paying off absolutely nothing, but in the end….you are free.

Remember this quote. In the beginning of network marketing you are grossly underpaid for your work. If you persevere, and are successful, at the end of network marketing you are grossly over paid for your work.

So detach right now. If you are attached, do something about it. Lose your emotional bonds to ANY SINGLE PERSON you talk too because if you don’t you are coming from a place of weakness. And you will attract more weakness too
you. As much as I play the servant role, and let people know I am truly here to help….I do not do that at first.

Posture is coming from a perspective that the person you are talking to needs to qualify for YOUR time. Not the opposite. They need to qualify to you….to see if you even want to take the time to work with them.

When you come from that perspective you come from a place of power. And EVERYONE wants more power. People want to be un-attached like you. They want to be confident like you. They want to have your posture and be smooth like you…hence they are attracted to you.

If you don’t have posture, then you will commit this grave error, which is so blatantly committed all the time in network marketing. Selling vs. Sorting.

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  • Do Not Sell People On Your Opportunity. End of story.

When you start selling people, all of a sudden the control is in their hands. All of a sudden they are
asking the questions, and you are the one that has to answer up.

You can feel the power switch happen instantaneously. They get this tone in their voice like your some telemarketer or something that needs to earn their time, and they are more valuable to you then you are to them. WRONG.

This is exactly what you have to avoid. If a person starts asking you questions, simply stop them. Tell them they are getting ahead of themselves and you’re still in the process of qualifying them for your time. If they don’t want to continue you can end the call right now. Otherwise you will continue your conversation of qualifying them for your time.

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  • We are professionals. Professionals do not sell people, or convince people.

Professionals sort and find exactly the type of people they are looking for. If you want to develop your posture in this industry you need to lose that “I need to cater to everybody mentality” and start rejecting people from even being your business partner.

Seriously. Most people honestly wouldn’t be that good of a business partner anyway. Start getting in the mindset where you honestly tell half the people you talk to that they aren’t who you are looking for right now.

It is amazing what will happen when you can develop that level of detachment and posture. Your mind starts to realize that you really are the leader, and you are the one who is selecting who you want to work with….not the other way around. People will notice that subtle difference. They will notice it big time.

Just watch all the leaders in this industry. Do many of them seem emotionally attached to whether or not people join their business? Not a chance. They wouldn’t be in that position if they did.

The huge earners went out and had so many prospects and so many people to talk to that it didn’t matter if someone didn’t return their call, rejected them, or gave them a crappy attitude.

They had 5 more people to follow up with later that night who were nice, interested, and open to what they had to offer.

The solution to your problem is exactly this course. It’s about creating more people to talk to than you could even handle in one day. That way you aren’t emotionally attached to any of them because you have 5 new people to call every
day and night.

Do you get it now?
It’s impossible to cram what it really means to do attraction marketing, develop posture, and become a leader into a few chapters of a course, but I wanted to give you a flavor for the way you need to act to attract people to you. I want you to have the taste in your mouth so you can start practicing with

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